What is a Dashboard and Why is it Required?

What is a Dashboard and Why is it Required?

It has all happened to us sometimes when we wanted to share multiple real-time responses from different surveys all at once at the same time but found it too hard to assemble all those responses and data together.

Collating all those responses together in a Powerpoint Presentation or Screenshots is a hassle. What is even more frustrating is to visit the particular responses in those particular responses from time to time to stay updated with the real-time reports. 

Different surveys give different responses, but within the surveys, there are questions/responses that are of specific interest to specialized teams. 

For instance, if you are a user and you create and share surveys with your customers/employees, you receive multiple responses, now, as a CX person, your job is to share these responses with the specific teams that have to act on the feedback received, the problem occurs when you get the option to share the data/responses from one particular survey. Whereas, it may be possible that Question 2 from Survey 1 and Question 5 from Survey 5 both need to be shared with the Product team. It would become a tedious task for you to continuously monitor and share this data to ensure that they get real-time reports.  Exporting surveys one by one and clubbing the responses and data would increase the workload for you and would prove to be very time-consuming. 

We are trying to ease this job with the use of a Dashboard. This is a dashboard that would help you in collating data and responses from different surveys in one place so that you can share the same with specific teams. 

The dashboard becomes a means for you to validate real-time information in one place without having to go back to different surveys and responses over and over again.

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