What are Predictions? Purpose of Predictions in case of NPS? (Text Analytics for Surveys)

What are Predictions? Purpose of Predictions in case of NPS? (Text Analytics for Surveys)

How are the survey responses automatically analyzed by the machine through the process of predictions?

The purpose of this article is to help you in understanding how the machine will analyze the survey responses for you automatically. 

The process through which the machine analyzes the survey responses for the users automatically is called Predictions

As explained previously, for the machine to learn the tagging process, the user will have to manually tag 40 to 50 responses with different kinds of tags. 

After the user has used a minimum of 3-4 responses for every single tag, the machine will learn the process and the model will be trained. All this leads to better accuracy and better results when the machine does the tagging on its own. 

The success of the machine‚Äôs training will rely on the efforts put in by the users to manually train these responses and adding the tags. 

- If the user wants, the team at SurveySensum can also train the machine for organizations/businesses.

Once the model is trained, the customers can opt for Predictions. After toggling on the Predictions Button, the machine will automatically start tagging the responses and preparing reports for its users. 

New data will be tagged automatically if the toggle is on. 

All of these reports will be made visible in the Tag Analysis Section. 

Launching Soon- In a few weeks, we will be launching a new feature where the machine will be able to pick up similar keywords related to a tag. For example: If the word mentioned in the response is Cheap, Cost, Expensive, etc. - It will tag it automatically under a tag like Pricing. 

In the Pipeline - We will also be launching with Sentiment Analysis really soon, where the users will be able to see what the sentiment of the response is out of Neutral, Positive or Negative. 

Please feel free to reach out to us over Chat or email for any further discussions, clarifications or help. 


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