What are Keywords? Why they are required?

What are Keywords? Why they are required?

The article should help the users in understanding what are keywords, how you can create the keywords, and what's its purpose.

Keywords allow you to add similar words/phrases corresponding to any tag. Once keywords are added, we will analyze all your verbatims and automatically tag verbatim where these words/phrases are present.

Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Train Comments tab along with the top menu. This is your go-to page where you create new tags and add keywords matching those tags.

To add keywords, click the “CREATE NEW TAG” button on the left-hand side.

Type the name of your tag below the Tag Name textbox. For our example, we'll be creating a “Pricing” tag. In the box below the Add matching keywords label, enter all of the words/phrases that you would like to trigger this tag. For “Pricing”, we would like verbatim including the words “cost, billing, expensive, priced”. Make sure you press enter after typing each word or phrase.
You can add new words and phrases to this list once you analyzed your verbatim over time and all of your previous feedback will be checked for matches.  

Once you are done creating tags and keywords, go to Tag Analysis and click on Update Report. Then we will check all verbatim and prompt you to refresh the page. Click on refresh and you will see all verbatim automatically tagged where keywords are present where those tags & keywords are present.

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