Survey Settings

Survey Settings

General settings like survey link expiration date, password protected surveys, survey access, etc can be modified in survey options. To view, these settings click on survey options in your builder

These settings will help better the experience of your customers while taking the survey you create.

Survey options are divided into three parts:

Basic Survey Setting

Survey Submission

Survey Access
Survey throttling


Settings determine the respondent’s experience.

Survey Name: You can edit the name of your survey here after creating the survey. You will be able to view changes in your builder as you edit the name of your survey.

Survey Default Language: Change the default language of your survey. Select a language from the drop-down menu.

Note: This will only change the language of your survey in the future and current questions (if any) will have the same language as before.

Disable Back Button: By default allow your respondents to go back to questions in your survey. This will make the survey user-friendly and more interactive. To disable this feature all you have to do is move the toggle. The back button will be disabled when someone responds to your survey.

Tip: Publish your changes if your survey is already live.


Settings that determine the respondent’s capabilities while responding.

Allow Partial submission of Surveys: By default, respondents cannot submit partially answered surveys. Move the toggle to allow respondents to submit incomplete surveys.

Allowing this will help the analysis team of your company in getting answers to critical questions. For example, in the case of NPS if the user gives an NPS score and doesn't give any response to the open-ended question. The analysis team can still know the overall NPS.

Allow multiple submissions per User: This toggle is moved by default, multiple responses are recorded by the anonymous link generated while sharing your survey. By changing the toggle, you will be able to record the response using that link only once.

Note: If you try to respond to the link again you will view the screen below


Settings that determine the security of the survey you create.

Track IP address: Record the IP address of the respondents taking your survey via an anonymous link. You can move the toggle if you don't wish to record the IP address of the respondents.

Password Protected: This is an important feature for any survey. Confidential surveys can be created and protected using a password set by you. Move the toggle, type the password you want to set. The respondent will be asked for a password before starting the survey.

Allow open Access: By selecting this radio button, your survey can be accessed by anyone.

By invitation only: Only those who are sent an email will be able to respond to your survey. You will not be able to share your survey using an anonymous link or via social media.

Custom message when the user revisits a previously completed link: Move the toggle to customize a message you want to display for your respondents when they revisit your survey link. Enter the message in the text box below.

Limit the total number of responses for this survey: Move the toggle to restrict the number of responses your survey can record. Enter the number, above which you will not be able to record responses. View your account quota for responses based on your subscription.

Survey Expiration: If you want your survey to run for a specific period of time, use this feature. Specify the duration for which your survey will be active. Select the first date text box to specify the start date and the second text box for the end date.

Default message of survey link expiration: By default, the respondent will receive a 404 error message, when they try to respond after the survey has expired, which can be set by you using the Survey Expiration option.

Custom message of survey expiration: Select the radio button to customize a message you want to display for your respondents when they try to respond to your survey after the expiration date. Enter the message in the text box below.

Tip: Preview your survey to view how the survey will look like to your respondents. Click on Preview


This feature is to ensure you don’t over-share your surveys with your customers. 

One thing you definitely want to avoid is requesting your users with too many surveys within a short period of time. Doing so will not only provide a bad customer experience but will also lead to low response rates and the user might start treating you as spam - This is the last thing you need. 

Survey Throttling is a great way for you to avoid spamming your users while ensuring you get all the responses and data you need at the right pace. 

This feature can be found under the Survey Settings Option while building the survey. 

This would ensure that the same user does not receive the same survey more than once in the time frame decided by you. By default, the survey throttling option is set to 1 day which means that you can’t share the particular survey with the same user more than once in a day. 

You can choose a setting of 1, 10, 30, 45, 60, 90, 180 or even custom decided, and your customers will not be surveyed more than once during that time period. For example, if 10 Days were chosen, your customers will only receive one request for completing the survey in a 10 day period. 

Unlike other platforms, the Survey Throttling feature, here on SurveySensum, is dependent on a PARTICULAR SURVEY that you want to share and NOT for the overall subscription or all surveys at a time. 

The user has to make specific changes for the particular survey they are working on and so you have control over the specific surveys that you are working on. 

What is the point of giving the Survey Throttling option for Individual Surveys? 

Every company has different departments and there are several surveys for several departments and if a particular teammate is working on more than one department, they can’t share a particular survey if another teammate has already shared the survey. Once you set your time period, we will ensure that the survey is not shared to a particular user to whom this survey has been shared. 

This feature can only work for new campaigns or existing campaigns and not for old campaigns. 

But, this won’t affect your reminders, once you try to schedule your campaign.

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