Survey Metrics

Survey Metrics

The Survey Metric page gives you the frequency distribution of a survey and also each question in the survey. Visualize the responses using graphs here.

This will give you an overview of the responses and its distribution metric that can help you gather insights and understand your respondents.

Note: You can also view and delete responses manually on this page.

Let's look at some of the features and insights you can expect from this page!

Chart Representation of Responses

It is integral for any business to understand the responses given by your customers/respondents. Survey Metrics provides a clear distribution of respondents based on their responses. One can gather meaningful insights and focus their strategies based on the survey metric reports.

Delete And View Responses

You can now view and delete responses from your surveys!
All you have to do is go to the Responses tab!
You will be able to view the list of respondents and their responses to your survey questions. You can select multiple responses or single responses by selecting the checkbox and then click the bin icon.

Filter Bar

Add filters to the responses tab of survey metric to view specific responses based on the filters added

Filters are often used to analyze specific data for a specific purpose. Say you want to view the responses of a specific response to a question.

Filters can be added based on contact properties. Say you want to view responses of the respondents having a particular email contact property.

The Filter bar is what you will use.

Export Reports

Click on the export icon in the top right corner to save your report in a CSV or a PDF file in your system.

Open Reports in Excel/Google Sheets

When you open a .csv file with Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, it will automatically be converted to a spreadsheet, however, if it is not the case follow the steps below:
  1. Open Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or any other application.
  2. Select any one column and click on data > text to columns, select the delimiters and click on Next.
  3. Select the desired delimiter (most commonly used is comma) and then click on Next.

Learn about NPS and Customer Experience from Resources available on our website.

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