Reports Tab

Reports Tab

Introduction to the Reports Tab

The Reports Tab is one of the important dashboards under CX dashboards. You will see this tab in all SurveySensum templates like CSAT, CES, Star Rating.

NPS helps you see where you are in the minds of your customers. It shows you how loyal your customers are and helps predict the future of your business.

Using NPS regularly & by collecting Customer Feedback will keep you focused as it is a clear metric that you can use to keep your business steady.

Start creating surveys and analyze reports with Surveysensum!


  • Overview: The summary of the report is mentioned here. Find the overall Net Promoter Score of your survey.
  • Text Analytics: The text analytics page would summarize all the qualitative textual responses into meaningful actions. It will help you determine customer opinions based on sentiment (positive, negative, neutral).
  • Survey Metrics: This gives frequency distribution of a survey and also each question in the survey. Visualize the responses using graphs here.
  • Comments: You can view each comment by respondents in the comment section.


Filtering data is an important tool for optimum customer experience. Filtering data will help you optimize your solutions for particular clients.

For example, you created a survey to measure customer satisfaction, you may want to know the net promoter score for different cities, or view reports for a particular age range say 20-30. Analysts can view reports of the detractors based on the net promoter score. This will help companies focus their efforts and plan business strategies.

To add a filter click on filters. Filters can be added to contact properties that you have updated as well as particular questions in your survey.

Note: Filters can be added to the overview and the comment page of the Report tab.

To know how to add filters in the overview page and comment page click here.

Learn about NPS and Customer Experience from Resources available on our website.

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