About Display Logic

Display logic is used to make the survey more effective as it narrows down questions for your respondents based on your requirements. Use display logic to show questions based on responses given in previous questions/contact attributes. By applying display logic, you determine the conditions that must be true to display that question.

Display Logic can be used to create simple to complex conditions.

For example, you have created a survey to understand what your customers think about your product website. Certain questions are applicable to only female customers. By applying display logic in those questions you make the survey more responsive. Thus only female customers can answer those questions.

How to use Display Logic

Let us assume that you are a company that wants to know the opinions of your employees about the security inside and outside the office through a survey.

Display the question if (gender is female and age is greater than 40) and profile is either (sales or marketer).

Add display Logic to those questions where you want to check your conditions and proceed.

  1. Click on the Logic icon next to the question where you want to add the logic
  2. Select Display Logic
  3. Add your conditions here
  4. Save & Exit
  5. View your logic on your build, so that your teammates can review the logic added

Note: Delete/Edit your Display logic by clicking on the three-dot icon next to the logic visible on your build.