Integration with surveysensum

Integration with Slack

Integrating SurveySensum with Slack - Getting Real-Time Slack Notifications

SurveySensum’s integration with Slack is a great way for our customers to share customer reviews and specific survey responses with their teams in real-time.

And without moving an inch from your Slack account, all of this is possible!

What do you need to set up this integration?

  • Slack Account
  • SurveySensum Account
  • A Survey on SurveySensum to link on Slack

You can follow the steps given below to set it up:

1. Log in to your SurveySensum Account and open the survey you want to connect with slack. If you are working on a new project then click on Create Survey. You can either choose a Survey Template or create a Blank Survey. For the purpose of this article, I will be referring to a Survey with the name SurveySensum’s Integration with Slack.

2. After you have created your Survey, click on Integrations on the Navigation Panel at the top of your screen, which is the third part. If you are working on an existing survey, open the Survey and follow the same steps.

3. Once you click on Integrations, click on Add New Integration. Moving forward, you will get the option to sync your SurveySensum data with either Email Notifications or Slack. Click on Slack to move ahead.

4. Next up, you will get the option to Add an Account or Choose an Account with which you wish to sync your SurveySensum data. When you choose Add an Account, you will have to add the login details of your slack account. Once done, SurveySensum will request permission to access your Slack Account. Click on Allow to move forward. If you’ve already connected a Slack account, you can select the account from the dropdown menu that appears.

Note: You can connect your SurveySensum account with Several Slack accounts. Any account you've linked to before will be identified here in the drop down menu. You can integrate each specific Survey with one Slack account, i.e., you can't integrate the same Survey with multiple Slack accounts.

5. The next step is to choose where you wish to share your responses. You can either send the responses to a Slack User or a Slack Channel. All your survey response notifications will be sent to this channel/user.

6. Once you select Channel or User, you will be asked to specify the channel or the user from the drop down menu to whom you wish to send the responses to. Type "@" if you want to search through users to send a direct message.

7. Next, we're going to ask what answers you'd like to give to Slack. You can choose between submitting any or all of the relevant answers. If you select on Send Specific Questions, you will be required to check the questions that you wish to send. We will be displaying all the questions within the Survey created by you for you to choose the questions, with a check box next to one.

Note: Note! Make sure that your questions are not longer than 2000 characters. The Slack API has a 2000 character limit, so if your question is over this limit, the results won’t be sent to the integration.

8. Finally, click on Turn On written in a green box on the top right side of the screen to make your integration live.

9. It’s time for you to check out your Slack App now - you’ll see a notification from SurveySensum that someone connected a survey to a particular channel or direct message.

10. If you go back to your SurveySensum account, you will notice that the status of your Slack Integration is now On and now has a Green Toggle. This can be used for your integration to be turned on or off.

And Ta-Da, you’ve gotten your Slack Account integrated with your SurveySensum account, just share the survey and wait for the answers!

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