Integration with Intercom

Integration with Intercom

Integrate SurveySensum with Intercom Messenger

SurveySensum’s integration with Intercom allows the users to collect information quickly and in a simplified way from a customer. This can be done by embedding a survey from SurveySensum in an Intercom Messenger Window.

This integration also comes in handy in making the surveys personalized for a particular customer after resolving their queries.

Through this integration, the user can easily send a survey to its customers over chat.

This article will be explaining you two things -

1. How to add a survey to your Intercom Messenger - This saves time as it appears every time someone opens the chat window

2. How to share the survey in an Intercom Messenger chat

Here are the things you need to set up SurveySensum’s Integration with Intercom -

  • SurveySensum Account
  • Intercom Account
  • A website that hosts the Intercom Account

Now, follow the steps given below to integrate your SurveySenum account with your Intercom account.

1. First of all, log in to your SurveySensum account and either create a new survey from scratch or use an existing survey to integrate it with Intercom.

2. Then, build your survey and once done, click on the Integrations button on the Navigation Panel.

3. After clicking on Integrations, you will be redirected to the Integrations page, there click on Add new Integrations.

4. On the Integrations page, you will get the option to sync your SurveySensum data with different apps as a list of integrations appear. Here, the user needs to click on Connect written next to Intercom.

5. The next step involves signing into your Intercom account. As shown in the window, click on Sign In.

6. After you have signed in, you need to Authorize Access your SurveySensum account. Click on Authorize Access written at the bottom side of the page to proceed.

7. Now, your integration with Intercom is complete. Let’s now proceed to your Intercom account to understand how you can share your surveys via intercom chats. To do so, simply go to your intercom account and sign in.

8. Next up, go to your inbox and open any chat. You simply have to select SurveySensum’s icon near the text field.

9. All the surveys with Intercom’s Integration that have been enabled will be listed and you will have to select the survey that you might want to share.

10. After selecting the survey, the users will also be provided with an option to personalize the title of the survey for that particular conversation.

11. After entering the title name, click on the blue arrow and the personalized survey will be viewed to you. Click on the Send button to share the survey.

12. The person will receive the survey on their chat window. Once the survey is taken and submitted by the customer, you will automatically receive that information on your intercom chat window as a thank you message will be sent to the customer.

Note: Once the user responds to your survey, the score will be immediately reflected in your SurveySensum account and once you receive the response, you will have the name and email address of the user will be imported to the contact list under the people tab in your SurveySensum account. A list will be generated under Manage Lists by the name of Intercom Customers and this will have the contact information of the users who undertook the survey through Intercom.

Note - Here we only capture or update the contact information of tracked/user, not lead, from Intercom.

Removing the Survey from the List - You can turn off the Intercom Integration for any survey and remove it from the list by simply toggling off the Intercom Integration in your integration page.

For further help, please reach out to us. We are just a chat away!

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