How to create custom email template using HTML

How to create custom email template using HTML

This feature will help you to create a custom email template using HTML. You can use this to create your beautiful email templates to match your brand theme.

In case you already have a design template that you use for your brand and you want to use this template within SurveySensum for your emails, then follow the steps below to create your own email template using HTML:

  1. Go to email share inside the share tab of the survey.


  1. Click on the HTML editor button to open the editor dialogue box.

  1. Paste your HTML source code within the dialogue box and click on save.

Make sure that:
  • There is a Survey Link present in your code.
~For applying the survey link in code, use {{@survey_link}} expression
in the href attribute of anchor tags or the "Insert" dropdown.

  • Your source code is either in the Inline CSS or Internal CSS format.

CSS structure

There are 3 types of CSS :-


a) Inline CSS :- This CSS can be applied directly to html elements by using style attribute.

In case of inline CSS, only write the html code of <body> tag of template (do not include <html>,<head>,<title>,<body> tags).
            Example:- <div style="color: red;">hello</div>

b) Internal CSS :- This CSS can be written in the same html file, by using classes or IDs inside a single <style></style> tag, and it can be applied on html elements ONLY in the form of classes or IDs.

In case of internal css, first write the complete css in only one <style></style> tag, and after that write the html code of <body> tag of template (do not include <html>,<head>,<title>,<body> tags).

Example:- <style>


                     color: red;



                <p class="abc">Hello</p>

c) External CSS :- It is used when CSS is in some other external file, and that file can be linked in an html file by using <link> tag in <head> tag.

                     Example :- <link rel="stylesheet" href="mystyle.css" type="text/css">

Our editor supports ONLY inline and internal CSS in email share and ONLY inline CSS in email notification.

Email us at for any concerns or if you need assistance.

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