How to Upload Data

How to Upload Data

his article will help you in uploading the CSV file containing text data.

Before uploading data for doing text analytics, you need to collect your customer data in CSV format. The CSV file must contain text data coming from different sources. Sources can be Playstore/App store Reviews, Chats, Social Media comments, WhatsApp, Chatbots etc.

You can download this data from the CRM (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho etc) tools which you are using to collate your customer data at once place.

Once you choose the TA project, you have to upload the CSV file in the next step. You have to just click on the Upload icon and a file selection popup will appear.

Now, you have to choose the file which contains text data and click on Open button. File upload will start in backend and we will show a preview of your data in the next step so that you can choose the correct column for running text analytics.

If you don't have any text data, there is no need to worry. You can still test out our platform by using our sample text data.

Click on Download Sample data hyperlink and text data will be downloaded in your system. Then upload the downloaded file and follow the next steps for doing text analytics.

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