How to set up the targeting for the survey on your webpage

How to set up the targeting for the survey on your webpage

This article will guide you to configure the events to launch the survey on your webpage.

Targeting: You can choose when, where & how often you want to surveys your users.

A. Let's start with Where to show the Survey

You can either display the survey on a URL or trigger a survey after a user performs an action using Javascript Trigger.

1. If you want to display a survey on a URL, choose between 4 operators and enter the value of the URL

Here is how you can use these four operators.

  • Exact match: Targets a specific URL, including HTTP or HTTPS. For example, if you have to target a URL, enter the exact value: If you just specify it will not match the condition.
  • Ends with: Target all pages that have a URL which ends in the entered value you specify; Value- /product will match all pages like www.surveysensum/product
  • Contains: Target all pages where URL contains the text you specify. Text: product, will match all pages where url contains product like

2. Use Javascript trigger if you want to trigger the survey on a specific action taken by the user on your website or web application.

Suppose a user just signed up to your platform and you want to show them the survey regarding the signup experience, in that case, you can just use this trigger to start the survey.

How to use it?

NOTE: Before starting with this section, you must have basic knowledge of the Javascript Language.

Step 1: Select the Javascript trigger from the targeting section.

Step 2: Enter an event name you would like to use as your trigger, only alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), underscores (_), and dashes (-) can be used in the trigger name. This field cannot be left blank.

Note: If a Javascript trigger is present on a page, it will cause the survey to show regardless of any other rules present.

Step 3: Click Done.

Step 4: Add trigger code to the website

In the example above, we’ve created a trigger called user_logs_in. Next, you will need to add the trigger code to your website:


B. When to launch the survey

We have four options, to launch the survey on a webpage.

1) Launch it immediately after the page loads: This will launch the survey just after the webpage is launched.

2)After a delay of ___ seconds: Here you need to just input the delaying seconds to launch the survey after a specific time delay.

3)When a user is about to leave the page on a desktop device: The survey will appear as soon as a visitor moves their mouse cursor upwards and towards their browser toolbar. The survey is shown the moment the cursor leaves the 'viewport' - the area displaying the site

4)When the user scrolls halfway down the page: When the user scrolls halfway through your webpage this survey will show.

C: When to repeat this survey

By default, the toggle is On and 30 days

Here you can specify the repeating date of the survey in case of the user declined your survey. Or you can turn off the repetition for the declined survey.

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