How to integrate the embed code

How to integrate the embed code

Use the embedded survey in your web application
  • Now you have generated the code, you just need to paste the code anywhere between the <head></head> tag of your HTML code to install the SurveySensum widget.
  • After adding this code our SurveySensum widget is installed on your website/product and this exposes some methods.
  • These are:
  1. The startSurvey(<JAVASCRIPT_TRIGGER>) : So this method is used start survey using javascript trigger.
  2. The setUserInfo(<userData>): In this method the userdata parameter is passed as an object. This object will be like this:
  3. Here Keys name should be exactly the same as the contact property name on our portal. These are case sensitive.
  4. RemoveUserInfo(): If any userInfo is present, then it will be erased from the memory.
  5. The closeSurvey(): If any survey is currently running, then it will be closed.

const userData = {

Name: 'Bernard Donley',

Email: ''


How to use these methods:

For using these methods you can access the SurveySensum widget in a window object. Like this:

  • window.surveysensum.startSurvey(<JAVASCRIPT_TRIGGER>);
  • window.surveysensum.setUserInfo(userData);
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