How to customize the look and feel of your survey

How to customize the look and feel of your survey

This article will guide you to set up the appearance of the survey on your webpage.

Appearance: There are three layouts available in the Appearance - Full Screen, Pop-Up, and Sidebar

1. Pop-Up: The survey will appear as a popup inside your website or web application. You can also choose where to display this pop-up.

This can keep your users/leads on the web application and contingently promotes the survey. It appears as a small widget, allowing your users to interact with other content on the same page.

You can choose any of the three alignments from the below options:

  • Left: The pop-up will appear on the left of your website.
  • Center: The pop-up will appear in the center of your website. This is also the default for pop up.
  • Right: The pop-up will appear on the right side of your website.

2. Full Screen: The full size of the survey will open on your web application.

This view is great when you want to get your users' full attention on a page. Full-screen surveys have the same functionality as Pop-up surveys. However, the difference is that a Full-screen survey appears on the entire screen.

3. Sidebar: The last option in the layout is the sidebar where the survey will appear on the sidebar of your website or web application.

You can edit the tab text, which says Give feedback by default. And you can also change the color. You can adjust its positions on the left-hand side or right-hand side.

This can help your users/leads to respond the survey anytime they want.

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