How to Choose a Column

How to Choose a Column

This article will help you in choosing the correct column after uploading the CSV file containing text data.

Once you uploaded the CSV file which contains the data coming from different sources like Playstore, Support Tickets, Emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, we will show a preview of your data to avoid any errors.

And in the next step, you have to choose the column on which you want to run text analytics. In case the file only has text data in one column, then you have to click on Next button and wait for some time till you get a success message.

Note: Just uncheck the Exclude First row if the first row of the file doesn't contain the names of the column.

In case, the file uploaded by you contains many columns, then you have to choose the column on which you want to run Text Analytics. Lets take the example of Playstore reviews to understand this point in more detail.

In the below image, there are 5 columns which contains unique id, date, ratings, user reviews and user name. You can identify that the column user reviews contain the text data i.e. feedback given by users.

So you have to choose this column for running text analysis to get an idea what your users are actually talking about your product and services.

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