Email campaign send was stopped

Email campaign send was stopped

If your email campaign send was stopped, there may be two possible reasons:


  1. The imported contact list used has errors : this means that there are a lot of incorrect email addresses in your import file.


  1. The campaign reports a high number of bounce rate, spam reports or unsubscribes : this means either you need to change your email content or verify if you are sending it to the correct audience.


To start the resend manually, follow these steps:


  1. Verify the integrity of the import file. Check if the email addresses are correct.


  1. Go to Sent Emails in the share tab.



  1. Click on the triple dot icon on the respective campaign and then select clone. Cloning the campaign will remove the bounced email addresses from the list while re-sending it.



  1. Update the details of the campaign and click on Send.


  1. Click on the refresh button after a while to check the status of the campaign. If it is stopped again, verify the imported contact file manually and try sending once more.



Hopefully, it will be sent till now.


Email us at for further assistance.

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