Contact filter

This feature will make it easier for you to create specific groups of people from the contact list that you have. 

For example, if you want to specifically share a survey with a targeted list of customers belonging to the age bracket of 18-30 Years, are females, and based out of any specific region then this feature will enable you to share the survey with that particular set of individuals. Another example is if you want to send out an employee survey to find the Employee Satisfaction Score belonging to the Sales Department of your organization, then you can easily curate a specific list for the same and send your survey to them. 

Let’s see how you can shortlist your contacts as per your survey requirements, 

1.  First of all, log in to your SurveySensum account and select the Contacts Button from the Navigation Panel. Then, you will either have your contacts already uploaded from before and if not, you can add contacts in two ways - 

  1. Add Manually 

  2. Import Contacts from a CSV File 

If you select the option of Importing Contacts, you will have to select the CSV file from your device and the contacts will automatically get imported from your device to the account. 

2. After you have uploaded the CSV File, you will be asked to map the content added from the file to specific properties that it belongs to. The name, phone number, and email address are already added which you just have to select. For more such columns like Department, Years of Experience, Customer Purchases, etc. you will have to create specific properties for the same. 

For example, in the file uploaded above, we will have to Add a New Property for the department. 

As mentioned in the image above, within the property we have to specify 3 things - 
  1.  Name - This is the title you want to give to the property. 

  2. Type  - In Type, we have to specify the kind of property it is. It can be Number, Email, Text, Date, URL and Phone Number. 

  3. Description - This is for your better understanding of the property where you define the purpose of the property created. 

3Once you have mapped all the contacts, you can click the Next button present at the bottom of your screen. In the next window, you will be asked to save the imports by giving them a name or you can add the contacts to an existing list present. Next, wait for some time to the contacts to be successfully imported to your SurveySensum account.  

4. Once the contacts are successfully imported, go to Contacts from the bar on the right side of your screen. You will view the option of “Add Filters”. 

5. The next step is to Add the Filter that you need to create the list. For example, if I want to create a specific list to send out Employee Surveys that have been curated especially for the Sales Department, I will have to add the Filter for the same. There are three simple things that you need to specify. 

  1. The Property - Here I will choose the property as ‘Department’ because I will find Sales in that department. 

  1. Operator - The operator will be dependent on the Property you have chosen, if you have selected a property whose type is Text, the operators shall be ‘Contains, Does not Contain, etc.’. However, if your property is a Number based property like phone numbers, your operators would be ‘Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, etc.’ Basically, the operator will depend on the Property Type. In this case, our property is a text based property so in our Operator, we will choose the option ‘Contains’ to filter out the list. 

  1. Value - Finally, we will add the Value which will help us in filtering out your contact list. If we have chosen the Operator as Contains, it means we will have to add the value that should contain the word that we need in the Department property. Hence, we will be entering the word ‘Sales’, as our value. After doing so, we will click on Apply Filter. 

Note: You can add more conditions when you are done filtering out one condition. For example, if you want to be more specific and select the Women belonging to Delhi in the Sales Department, you can add multiple filters to get this kind of specific data. 

6. We will now be able to see the filtered list which contains only those contacts that belong to the Sales Department. The next step is to Save this list. For this, simply check the Blue Box by clicking on it, next to Name. This would select all the contacts that have been filtered out. Once it is checked we will be presented with a variety of options out of which we will be selecting Add to List. Upon ticking the box, we will also get the exact number of contacts belonging to the particular category chosen. 

7. After clicking on Add to List, we will get the option of either putting the contacts in a previously created list or creating a new list. If we create a new list, we will have to specify the Name & Description of the same. After doing so, click on Save & Exit. 

8. Your list is now ready to be used, next time you create a survey, simply share it with the Contact List that you created. 

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