Capture survey response by adding custom parameters in Survey URL

Capture survey response by adding custom parameters in Survey URL

This document will help you to capture survey response by using custom parameters in a survey using the survey URL.


When this is useful?

For example, you need to capture the response of your survey from different cities of USA but you want to use the same survey and survey is anonymous. For this you can add a hidden question in a survey because you don't want the responder to see the question.

  1. In the build section, add an MCQ question.

  1. Go to the question settings and HIDE your question. Since you do not want to overload the customer with questions, it is better to hide the ones that do not bother him/her.

  1. Once you’re done with finalizing the questions, go ahead and publish the survey, but do not share it, at least not yet. 

  1. Give a dummy (test) response using the copy link functionality or if you already have response then you can skip this part.

  1. Go to the reports tab and download the raw data using the export button, then selecting excel.

  1. Open the file and then find the entry in ‘variable map’ tab and the ‘Options’ column corresponding to the hidden question(s) so here vz8 is question of city and options codes are 1 to 5.

  1. Now, to set the answer of the hidden question in the URL, append the survey URL with “?vz8=1 for New York , vz8=2 for Austin and so on.


So, the MCQ is not only question you can use, you can use any other question type as well like an open ended question asking  for the name. In below image you can see the question id of open ended question is vz12 and the answer for question is Tom.

Once you created different links for different cities now you can send separate links to them.

NOTE: “optionnumber” can be found in the variable map tab of the excel sheet mentioned above.

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