This article will help the readers in understanding how to apply a theme to a Survey on SurveySensum

Your SurveySensum account includes a tool to apply themes from SurveySensum’s Saved Themes. You can also design and manage your own storehouse of custom themes.

Use of custom survey design themes -

The most noteworthy use of survey theming is the ability for a brand to build a survey/research study that looks as close to the brand as possible. By making use of these themes, the brand can leave a positive effect on the mind of the survey taker.

Some of the advantages of using custom survey themes are as follows:

  1. Higher brand recall: Using custom survey themes ensures that the survey responder associates the survey with the brand by recognizing the colors and the style used in the survey.
  2. Attractive surveys: Survey theming enhances the surveys by giving them a personal touch. By customizing the survey, the user also ensures that the respondents don’t get bored with the survey and use custom fonts, layouts, colors for questions and answers, backgrounds, etc.
  3. Lessens drop-out rate: When the survey taker identifies custom colors and associates with the brand, there is a higher chance of starting and finishing the survey. The respondent associates a level of trust and hence, lack of reluctance to answer.

A theme comprises of the following -

  1. Customizing Brand Appearance by adding a Header/Logo
  2. Font Customization with a list of 40 Fonts to choose from
  3. Color Palette to choose the color of the text for the Questions, Answers, Buttons, Background, etc.
  4. Background Customization to choose either a Background Color or a Background Image
  5. Next and Previous Buttons Icon Option which includes three options to choose from

Default Themes -

Default themes already exist in the SurveySensum account. To apply a Saved Theme to your survey, click on the Appearance droplet icon from the left hand side of the screen, under the Home icon. You’ll see themes under the Default Themes tab and can preview the font and color scheme of each. Click on a theme to apply it. You will see a preliminary view of the theme in your Live Preview Window on the right hand side of the screen.

SurveySensum will continue to add more Default Themes.

Modify your Own Theme -

To create your own theme, follow the steps given below:

1. Open your Survey on SurveySensum and click on the Appearance icon to open the theme settings. Click on the Create New Theme button.

2. Next step is to give a Name to your theme.

3. Under Customize Brand Appearance, you will find the Header option wherein you can either add a Logo or choose not to add any header under the option None. When you select Logo, you will get the option to Upload Logo from your system.

Once you upload the logo, you will get two options:

Logo Alignment - Under this option you can choose to align your logo to the Left, Center or Right

Logo Size - This provides you with the opportunity to choose a Small, Medium or Large Logo Size

Note - Once you add the logo, it will apply to every page of the survey.

4. Under Font Customization, select a Font for your theme using the drop-down list.

5. Now select the Color Scheme for your theme. You can select separate colors for the question header, answer, button, and background. Just click on the color droplet menu icon and pick a color from the palette or insert a hex value.

6. Background Customization allows the user to either choose a Background Color or Background Image for the theme.

If you like, you can upload a Background Image also. Once you upload the Background Image, you can select the Image Layout and adjust the Brightness of the image as per your liking.

7. SurveySensum also allows its users to select the Next and Previous Buttons Icon Options and provides CSS Customization.

8. Once you’re done customizing your theme ensure that you click on the Save as New Theme button and your customized theme will be created.

Modifying, Duplicating or Deleting your Theme

Once you click on the three dots given next to your saved themes, you will get the option to Modify, Duplicate or Delete the theme.

Note: If you customize a theme, it will change for all surveys that use it.
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