Add Property To Contacts

Add Property To Contacts

Contact property is the information of a contact you want to save.

By default, Surveysensum has three property fields which would be important information of a user i.e. Name, Email, Phone Number, out of which Name and Email are mandatory fields. You can add more properties anytime like City, Job Title, etc.

Add properties based on the information you want of your respondents.

Let us add a new property called City, in which we store the city name of the contact.

Go to Manage Properties page of your Contact Tab. Click on Add Property.

Enter Property Name and Select Type from the drop-down menu. Here City would be of type Dropdown. You can add options like city name New York, Austin, Chicago, Seattle etc  a description of your property. Then click on Save & Exit.

Similarly, you can add more contact properties.

You will be able to view your contact properties on the Manage Properties page.

Edit or delete a contact with the edit/delete icon. Delete multiple contact properties by selecting the properties and click on the delete icon on top.

Note: Now you will be able to view the added contact properties in the Contacts Page of your Contact Tab.

Enter these fields when you add contacts from the Contacts Page.

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