SurveySensum API helps you to integrate with your own application ecosystems such as CRM, HRM, and Helpdesk applications. It frees you from the user-interface and gives you the capability to create your own workflow. For example, we have an API available to share surveys when a particular event happens or adding the contact to SurveySensum. So on and so forth.

let's see how you can create the SurveySensum application which will help to use the open API's.

1.Create a new application from Integrations and apps under settings.

2. Give it a name and short description, both are mandatory.

3. By default all the permissions are granted for the scope of using the API.

4.The access token is also generated with the default permissions.

5.You can change the permissions as per your need, and once you change the permissions, you need to regenerate the access token.

Now you can use this token to perform various tasks. For example, if you need the list of contacts present in your SurveySensum account, you can simply make an Http Get call from your favorite programming language and you will get the response containing a list of your contact details in JSON format.

The request looks like the following:

curl --location --request GET
'' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token> '

Or if you need to set up a webhook where events happening in SurveySensum
(for ex: a new response is received in Surveysensum) triggers an action inside your CRM, then you can simply make an HTTPPost call to the below endpoint

curl --location --request POST
'' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token> '
--data-raw {



"variableIds": ["vz1","vz2","vz3"]

The variable id and text mapping for the questions can be requested by making an HttpGet call to the QuestionnaireMap API endpoint.

Note: You can also refer to our API Documentation to explore other API endpoints.

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