To tag any comment, the most important thing is to read the comment well and then create the tag.

Once you tag 40-50 comments, the machine learns the tagging itself and will do it for you.

The purpose of this article is to help you in knowing some of the most commonly used tags suitable for SaaS companies.

Please find below a list of common tags applicable to SaaS companies for analyzing the responses. These are also suitable for you even if you belong to a different industry

  1. Pricing
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Customer Support
  4. Bugs/Reporting
  5. UX/UI
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales
  8. Testimonials

To make this a little easier for you, we have also identified some industry specific tags.

This is a list of common tags in Banking,

  1. Customer Service
  2. Loan/Mortgage Issues
  3. Checks/Funds Bouncing
  4. Bank Statement
  5. PIN Settings
  6. Fund Transfer
  7. Debit/Credit Cards
  8. Interest/Fees & Charges

Let’s also look at some common complaints and tags for the E-Commerce Industry,

  1. Feedback/Testimonial
  2. Marketing
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Post Purchase Concerns
  5. Failed Transactions
  6. Social Media Related
  7. Delivery Related
  8. Balance & Refunds

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