Once you tagged the responses in the Train Comments Tab, a question will come to your mind. Where to see the Tag Analysis?

Tag Analysis tab solve this problem and give you a fair idea of your responses with NPS.

On this page, you have a option to filter responses using the below mentioned filters

  • Date Selector: You can filter responses based on the date ranges available.
  • All Comments: You can view the tagged, untagged and predicted responses.
  • Filters: You can create your own filter by using this option.
View of Tag Analysis page

What does the above image signifies?

The Tag Analysis tab provides detailed analysis of responses in a new manner. Let's check them out:

Note: All values displayed below depend on the time frame chosen from the filters.

Tag Name

On the left, you'll see the list of tags along with their names. You can filter tags in a alphabetical manner, by response numbers and by NPS score.

Tag Percentage and Responses

This shows the number and percent of your responses corresponding to the specific tag. The sum of all percentages wouldn't be 100% as each response may have more than one tag.


This shows the NPS of tag. This score is calculated using the tagged responses that were tagged in the specified time frame.

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