This article will help you in Embedding your Survey from SurveySensum on a Website.

Embedding in a website is an essential sharing method for collecting user feedback for customer validation and customer-driven development. It helps you in knowing your customers better.

It can help you in getting insights such as usability, user impressions, and how effective the user found your website application.

Here are the steps you can follow to set this up from your SurveySensum account:

  • Start by logging in to your SurveySensum account, then open the survey that you want to use to Embed in a Website and click on the Share button from the Navigation Panel, where you can see our Embed in a Website option.
  • Click on the Embed in a Website icon listed on the Share screen shown in the image below.

  • After clicking on the Embed in a Website icon it will redirect to the Editor screen.
  • You can give your embed a name so it is easily recognizable next time when you are in the Share module.
  • The editor consists of three sections: Appearance, Targeting and, Review and Activate.

Appearance: There are three layouts available in the Appearance - Full Screen, Pop- Up, and Sidebar

1. Full Screen: The full size of the survey will open on your web application.

This view can keep your user/lead on the web application, while involving them in the survey.

2. Pop-Up: The survey will appear as a popup inside your website or web application. You can also choose where to display this pop-up.

This can keep your user/lead on the web application and contingently promotes the survey.

Left: The pop-up will appear on the left of your website.

  • Center: The pop-up will appear in the center of your website. This is also the default for pop up.
  • Right: The pop-up will appear on the right side of your website.

3. Sidebar: The last option in the layout is the sidebar where the survey will appear on the sidebar of your website or web application. You can adjust its positions on the left-hand side or right-hand side.

This can help your user/lead to respond the survey anytime they want.

  • Whatever you edit on the left-hand side will reflect on the right-hand side or you can say the preview section.
  • You can click on the sidebar viewed in the preview and click on it to see how it behaves.
  • You can also change the color of the sidebar according to your requirements.
  • You can see a sidebar opening. All the questionnaires that you have prepared will be visible on this sidebar bar. The preview module is interactive.


  • You can also check how your sidebar will look in the mobile version by clicking on the button visible on the preview

  • After clicking on the mobile the preview will be changed to mobile.

Targeting: You can choose when and where you want to open the trigger via URL or javascript trigger.

  • Multiple conditions can be added here -
  • According to the set condition, the Embed in a Website will work.

Review and activate:

Here you can check what the triggers are and also the appearance you have applied and activated in your embedding.

  • You can turn the embedding ON or OFF.

  • The code will be generated once you save the changes.

Note: You need to use the exact code which is generated for the survey which you want to embed.

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