SurveySensum provides its Premium Account users the option to remove SurveySensum’s branding. This is beneficial for the user to maintain its own brand image without distracting the users with SurveySensum’s branding.

To completely remove branding from your surveys on SurveySensum, you can remove the ‘Powered by SurveySensum’ button at the end of every survey, in the footer.

Through this feature, you will also be able to remove the SurveySensum Branding that features once the respondent finishes the survey.

This feature also removes the SurveySensum branding that appears if you send the Surveys through emails, as shown below.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to Remove Branding from your Surveys:

1. Log in to your SurveySensum account and select the Settings button from your navigation panel.

2. In Account Settings, click on the Branding Button.

3. Now a window appears that allows the Premium Users to remove SurveySensum branding by selecting ‘Remove SurveySensum branding from surveys and emails’.

You will erase every feature of SurveySensum branding from your account, surveys and emails.

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