Creating and analyzing surveys is not enough to keep your customers loyal and engaged.

This SurveySensum feature will help you to be on top of your customers to better their experiences. Do you want to alert your managers via email, when a respondent is a detractor in your survey? Do you want to send referral emails to your promoters? This feature you will be using is the workflow feature.

To add a workflow to your survey click on the workflow icon or you can click on the workflow tab in your navigation stepper.

Click on Add Workflow

You will view the readily made workflow templates available.

To create your own workflow, click on Add Workflow

Adding a workflow is a three-step process

  • Event
  • Add Conditions
  • Add Task

Event: The event is defined for you. The tasks you will add later on will be triggered on a new response.

Add Trigger Criteria: Here add the logic set which when true will launch the task. Let us add a trigger for the NPS group: Promoters.

  • Select the NPS group question
  • Select the operator
  • Select the response

Note: Your Trigger criteria can be complex. Let us create a trigger for Promoters who have answered another question.

Save conditions.

Note: If your survey was already live and recorded responses, you can add those in your workflow or you can only add those responses who meet the criteria after turning the workflow on

Add Task: Create the task you want to perform when the trigger criteria are met.

There are three types of tasks you can launch

  • Delay Workflow
  • Internal Communication
  • External Communication

Delay Workflow: Time your workflow according to your requirements. Launch your tasks on a specific day after creating the workflow or choose to skip certain days of the week.

Internal Communication: Send an alert via email to your team members when the trigger criteria are met by a respondent. Enter the details and create an email for your team members. Then Save & Exit.

External communication: Send an email to the respondents when the trigger criteria are met on their response. Enter the details and create an email for such respondents. Then Save & Exit.

Note: You can add multiple tasks in one workflow. Click on Add Task

Publish and turn on your workflow. You can delete or clone the workflow. Click on more and select a choice.

You can view the status of the tasks created in the workflow for each respondent meets the criteria. Click on History.

Here you can see the task status, the remaining tasks, and the completion time of each respondent based on their respondent ID.

Export the results for your teammates to view as a CSV file. Click on the export icon here.

You might want to view the status for a particular time range. Click on today. Select a custom range.

Note: Make sure you click on a start date then the end date.

After adding workflows, a list of all your workflows will be visible. View the number of enrollments here. Click on the three-dot icon to edit, delete, or clone the workflow.

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