Creating and analyzing surveys is not enough to keep your customers loyal and engaged. Completing engagement with your consumers and closing the loop is key to a successful business. Identify gaps with your survey and take immediate action using this feature.

This SurveySensum feature will help you to be on top of your customers to better their experiences. Do you want to notify your managers via email, when there is a detractor in your survey? Do you want to send referral emails to your promoters?

This is the feature you will be using.

To add a workflow to your survey click on the workflow icon or you can click on the workflow tab in your navigation stepper.

Note: You can add workflows to all survey templates.

You can either choose from a range of templates or you can create a custom workflow.

You will view the readily made workflow templates available according to the template you've picked.

For example, let's walk over to the templates available in the NPS Survey.

1. Get notified via email when there is a detractor in your survey: This workflow will send an email to your subscribed email address whenever there is a detractor (Gave a rating between 0-6) in your NPS survey. This would help you in focusing your shift towards the issues faced by the detractors and in prioritizing the focus points for your business.

2. Get notified via email when you have new survey response: This workflow will send an email to your subscribed email address whenever a respondent has completed your survey. Monitor the responses to analyze the completion rate of the surveys you create.

3. Send thank you email to your respondents when they complete a survey: This workflow will send an email thanking all the respondents who have successfully completed your survey. Increase engagement with your respondents/consumers by sending them emails.

Note: You have to create your own workflow for custom surveys.

After adding your workflows, a list of all your workflows will be visible. View the number of enrollments here. Click on the three-dot icon to edit, delete, or clone the workflow.

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