The Overview page is the first thing you see when you view your Reports tab. This is where you can dissect, analyze, and make decisions based on the NPS score from your responses.

This will give you an overview of the insights you can gather and understand your customer's needs for better customer experience.

The overview page under the NPS dashboard gives you a summary of your report.

This page gives you the overall picture of the feedback received. You will see this page in all SurveySensum templates like CSAT, CES, Star Rating.

Let's look at some of the features and insights you can expect from this page!


NPS Gauge Chart

The Net Promoter Score is a popular customer experience metrics ranging from -100 to 100 which is basically a single-question NPS survey to measure customer loyalty.

A good Net Promoter ScoreĀ® can be conducted only with the aid of efficient tools that reduce manual effort and maximizes productivity. A negative NPS score means that you have more unhappy customers than those who enjoy working with you.

The Gauge chart provides a visual representation of your Net Promoter Score.

NPS Trend

The trend will show the increase or decrease of NPS score over a period of time when your survey is running across days, weeks, or across a year in trend view.

The trend will give you a better idea of how satisfied your customers are in a period of time. This way you can understand which developments are working and which are not.

Filter Bar

Filters are often used to analyze specific data for a specific purpose. Say you want to know the Net Promoter Score for specific cities or a particular age range. The Filter bar is what you will use.

To know how to use filters click here.

NPS Details

The net promoter score divides respondents into three categories: Promoters, Passives, Detractors. It provides you with a percentage distribution of each category.


Recent comments can be seen on the right side of the screen. Comments are updated based on filters and responses.

Export Reports

Click on the export icon in the top right corner to save your report in a CSV file in your system.

Word Cloud

View your word cloud based on the respondent's answers.

Note: Keyword will only be displayed in the word cloud when it has occurred at least 5 times in any response or in multiple responses.

Learn about NPS and Customer Experience from Resources available on our website.

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