After creating your survey, your survey is ready to be shared!

Let us see how we can share the survey via email. Click on Send Email and you will direct to the Email Campaign.

Enter the following details based on your requirements:

From Name: Enter the name of the sender of the Email. This name will be displayed as the sender of the email to your respondent/contact.

Reply-To Email: After receiving the survey via email respondents can reply, to the email address entered here.

Send To: Enter the email address of your respondent directly . The survey will be shared with that email address.

You can import contacts or select from contact lists you might have created. If you have not added a list or a contact yet click on create a new contact or contact list.

Note: You can create contact lists in your People Tab.

When: Click on When drop-down menu and choose if you want to send the email now or send it later. Once you choose the send it later option you can schedule your survey for a later date and time.

Subject: Enter the subject of the email. The subject can be personalized on the basis of contact information, click on properties to choose the contact property for personalization.

Note: You can add contact properties in the People Tab.

Email Message: Design your email template here. You can insert images, format the content, add contact properties to personalize your email, etc.

Test your email template before sending it to your contacts by clicking on Test Email.

Link Expiration: Customize the survey link expiration date: Choose a custom date from the drop-down menu. Select the date and time for the survey expiration. The link for your survey will not work after this date and time.

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