Adding Contacts and creating contacts lists is pretty simple with Surveysensum. Contact Lists are used for mailing the surveys you create for the respondents. Lists consist of information such as contact name, email address, along with additional information like phone number, etc. It is important to have a well maintained and detailed contact list so that you can keep a record of your responders ahead of time.

Contacts and lists are added and maintained here. The People Tab is visible as you open your workspace.

The Contacts Tab consists of the following pages :


All your contacts are visible in this tab.

The People Tab will direct you to the contacts page. You can add contacts in two ways

Manage Lists

You can add contacts in contact lists you create. By default there is no list created, you have to manually create a list to share surveys.

Click here to know how to create contact lists.

Manage Properties

View and add contact properties in the Manage properties page. Add properties based on the information you want of your respondents.

By default Name, Email, Phone Number is added as Contact Fields.

Click here to know how to add contact properties.

Manage Imports

Import contacts as CSV file. Here you will be able to add and view all the imports.

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