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With its AI-enabled CX platform, SurveySensum helps organizations improve their customer experience with real-time actionable insights across the entire customer journey. Customers can either create a survey from scratch or create an NPS survey.

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1. The first step is to sign up with Surveysensum. Click to sign up.

2. As you sign up, you can log in and direct to the workspace.

Create Survey

3. Now you can start creating your first survey. Click on create a survey button, visible on the screen.

Note: To view your contacts page click on the People tab.

To view your user settings click on the Settings tab.

4. You will be able to choose the project type. You can choose to create NPS® Survey, CSAT Survey, Star Rating Survey, Customized Cx Survey or build a project from scratch.

5. Let us create an NPS survey. Click on create an NPS survey.

6. Now you have to enter a survey name and you can select the survey language from the dropdown menu.

7. We are now ready to build our survey, click on create to continue.

8. You will be able to see the NPS question and a live preview of the question on the right-hand side of the screen. Know more about the Net Promoter Score Question.

9. You set up the NPS question, just click on set up.

10. Click on the question text to replace [PRODUCT NAME/COMPANY NAME] with the name of your company, product, or service.

11. You can add a description of your question by moving the toggle.

12. You can add the name and logo of your company in your survey. Click on "Customize Brand Appearance".

Tip: Net Promoter® Score allows up to two labels for the question scale. By default, two of these—not at all likely and extremely likely—are already in place, but can be rewritten as needed by clicking on advanced customization.

13. The default follow up question(same for all respondents) for the NPS question is in place. To customize the follow-up question click follow up question, change the toggle for "Custom Follow Up Question".
This question shown to the respondents will be unique by score. Enter the question for Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

You can add questions to your survey in the following manner

14. Click the + button to choose your first question. A drop-down menu will appear, where you can scroll through all the question types we offer.

15. Your NPS survey is ready. You can preview your survey by clicking on the "Preview Survey" button.

Review the survey created as your respondent will view the survey.

Click on Send to share the survey you have created. You will be directed to the Share Page where you can select how you would like to share the survey.

Share Survey

16. You can share your survey, click on share. Share your survey using the anonymous link on your screen, via email, social media URLs, or QR code.

17. Let's share our NPS survey via email. You will direct to the email campaign. Select contacts from "send to" drop-down menu.

To add contacts/contact lists, go to the People Tab.

Analyze Survey Report

18. Now that we have shared our NPS survey, its time to see the report.
Click on Report. Analyze the responses here.

19. We will create a simple survey, so we’ll start with a Multiple choice question, As you type in your question, on the right you’ll see a live preview appear of what the question will look like in the survey. If you want to delete the question, click the three dots icon.


Surveysensum has an Autosave feature, so your work is saved automatically. When you've finished building a survey, click Publish to make your changes visible online.

Learn about NPS and Customer Experience from Resources available on our website.

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